The second artist in the 1 Artist 1 Concept series is Tucker Nichols. His book, Postcards from Vermont, documents some of the stream of postcards he sent to Gallery 16 from Vermont where he was getting married in the summer of 2006. Below is the text from the introduction to the book.

I spent the month of June with my wife at her late grandmother's farmhouse in Vermont preparing for our wedding. We spent our days painting the house and raking muck from the pond in the company of an old blind dog.

Before I left San Francisco, I told Griff I'd send him a few postcards from the country. I made these drawings in a small studio beside the pond using whatever materials I could find in the desk up at the house.

Tucker Nichols

I received the first drawing by mail from Tucker on June 17, 2006. It was an index card addressed and posted on one side; on the other he had written, "This must be the place." I loved the way that phrase established a connection between where he had made the drawing and where it had arrived. The thought of the importance of the place in Vermont, forever connected to him as the site of his marriage, and the connection now established between it and my gallery in San Francisco. Receiving drawings by mail forces you to consider their journey, their origin, the wonder of the US Postal Service. The postmarks read, "White River Junction, VT." What must this little place in Vermont look like and how different it must be from the place where the drawing came to rest? I thought of the Talking Heads song and how I hadn't listened to it for years.

The joy in Tucker's work is not just its humor or poignancy or even its ambiguity. It is in its willingness to be engaged. I rarely have worked with an artist who so freely sends his work off into the world to be finished by chance or good fortune. His work at its best forces another action. He revels in the thought that real people will interact with his work, rearrange it, and give it a new, unexpected meaning. I love his generosity, his humor, and above all his willingness to let us all in. It is as if he issues a challenge: Here, now what will you do next? This is what we came up with.

Griff Williams

Tucker Nichols Postcards from Vermont
63 pages
8 x 11 inches
ISBN 0-9777442-0-5

To order copies contact Gallery 16:

501 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 626-7495 phone
(415) 626-8439 fax

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