When Fletcher was invited to produce a book for the 1 Artist, 1 Concept book series, Fletcher surprised everyone by coming up with the idea to show someone else's work -- James Miles'. The idea was embraced, the results being James F. Miles Is A Boyfriend And A Girlfriend wtih Harrell Fletcher.

Harrell Fletcher encountered Miles' work in the early 1990s when he stumbled upon Creativity Explored (CE). Soon he was volunteering at the studio and working with a friend to make videos with the artists for broadcast on cable access television. Fletcher also started a zine that highlighted individual artists called Whipper Snapper Nerd (so named by another CE artist, John Patrick McKenzie).

Says Fletcher of Miles' art, "His work stood out from the moment I saw it, and has been compelling to me ever since. James' drawings are both very everyday and incredibly mysterious at the same time. He is operating on another level from anyone else I've ever encountered -- almost as if he is physically in this universe but perceiving several others that are undetectable to other people. The results are poignant, funny, disturbing, and generally stunning."

James F. Miles Is A Boyfriend And A Girlfriend is released in conjunction with the exhibition "Miles in the Sky" at Creativity Explored. The show runs from June 21 through August 9, 2007.

For further information about the exhibition,
call (415) 863-2108, or visit their website:

James F. Miles
Is A Boyfriend And A Girlfriend
with Harrell Fletcher

56 pages
8 x 11 inches
ISBN 978-0-9777442-3-7

To order copies contact Gallery 16:

501 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 626-7495 phone
(415) 626-8439 fax


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